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You always need some cable from time to time.
Whether it be to charge your phone, listen to music or connect some device.
The best way to store all your cables could very well be this amazing Slim Smart Cable Case from our Organizer collection.


This solution is indeed one of the best way to stay effective and well organized.
Cables and other accessories can be one of the messiest things around us.
Being able to keep trace of each one of them can be really hard to manage.


But with this amazing Slim Smart Cable Case, no more issue. You can easily stay reassured of where you have to look to find each piece you want. It also have some great and useful pocket for SD cards and other small devices. A must have, available in 13 colors.


Main Material: Nylon
Height: 3cm
Weight: 95g
Width: 16.5cm
Length: 23.5cm