Foldable Portable Gas Stove

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You're out in the wild or in a camping and you need some heat? You want to cook something quick and easily?
You want a nice and practical solution that fits in a small space?
This great Foldable Portable Gas Stove is exactly what you need.

When you're on the road you want to be able to pack many things in your bag. This great item allow you to be able to cook wherever you go. It fits in a small space and is very convenient to get working. Its features are :

  • really practical setup and folding system
  • small size and easy working
  • a great and classy design

Take yours and you'll be happy to cook anything anywhere. Your friends and relatives will be thrilled and amazed.

Model: Windproof Foldable Stove Burner
Fuel: Butane
Material: Metal
Structure: One-Piece
Type: Gas Stove
Number of Users: 3-5
Application Method: Manual