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You always need a good headlamp when things go dark! This is one of our best product.

Producing a ultra bright beam of light by 3 LED. Internal wiring applies the high efficient booster circuit.
Adjustable base is provided for each head lamp, with back and forth inclination.
Extensive Lifetime of LED (10,000 hours)
Rechargable batteries and universal charger provided
Adjustable headband, it is comfortable to wear.
Use: Fishing. Hunt. Outdoor lighting. Explore. Rock Climbing. Night home lighting. Night walk. Hiding or even Riding.

8 Options include:(A/B/C/D/E/F/G/H/I/J): 

Option A: 1* 2303 Headlight(3LED,Silver,No zoom) ,  (Battery not included)

Option B: 1* 2303 Headlight(3LED,Silver,No zoom) ,2* Batteries ,1* AC charger

Option C: 1* 2303 Headlight(3LED,Silver,No zoom) ,2* Batteries ,1* AC charger ,1* USB charger ,1* Car charger ,1* Tool box

Option D: 1* 747 Headlight(3LED,Gold Zoom) ,  (Battery not included)

Option E: 1* 747 Headlight(3LED,Gold Zoom) ,2* Batteries ,1* AC charger 

Option F: 1* 747 Headlight(3LED,Gold Zoom) ,2* Batteries ,1* AC charger ,1* USB charger ,1* Car charger ,1* Tool box

Option G: 1* T13 Headlight(5LED,Silver,NO Zoom) ,  (Battery not included)

Option H: 1* T13 Headlight(5LED,Silver,NO Zoom) ,2* Batteries ,1* AC charger 

Option I:  1* T13 Headlight(5LED,Silver,NO Zoom) ,2* Batteries ,1* AC charger ,1* USB charger ,1* Car charger ,1* Tool box



Bulb Type: XML-T6 
Number of LEDs: 3LED/5LED
Lumen: 3LED-30000Lumen. 5LED-50000Lumen.
LED Color: White
Waterproof:YES,But can not put into water,it is not for diving.
Switch Type: Button (On, Off and mode selecting)
Material: aluminum, glass, plastic and cotten
Color: Silver(No zoom) / Gold (Zoom)
Powered by: 2 x 18650 Li-Lon 3.7V Battery