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Do you want to be able to keep your camera or smartphone still and stabilized to make some epic photos? If it is the case, this Octopus Mini Tripod is one of the best and versatile solution to take some sweet pictures.

This smart and useful item can adapt to a wide range of situations, and the fact that you can make it fit any shape is really neat. It will allow you to attach it to almost any object, making its possibilities nearly endless.

Plus, it is delivered to you with a handful phone adapter. It is compact and you will be able to store it in your backpack, and able to carry it safely with you along your journeys. A must have.

Max Extened Length (mm): 245mm
Bearing weight range: 0-3kg
Material: Carbon Fiber
Weight: 0.3g

Camera Tripod Octopus Mini Presentation

Camera Tripod Octopus Mini Size

Camera Tripod Octopus Mini Smartphone Adapter Size

Camera Tripod Octopus Mini Smartphone Adapter Demo