USB Charge | Mini Power Bank

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USB Charger Mini Power Bank Trio Triple View

You always need to store some power. Just in case you're out of battery on your phone or any other precious device of yours. You always have to keep some reserve to refuel your tech stuff as well as staying mobile. This Mini Power Bank is what you need to stay safe.

USB Charger Mini Power Bank Hand Lightweight


This really small and handy USB Charger can be carried anywhere you want to go and be able to recharge two devices at once. This sweet Mini Power Bank is made with a really modern and classy design and will be able to fit in your pocket so smoothly.

USB Charger Mini Power Bank Flashlight

You can recharge it even faster with two cables at once. It is really handy to control its level of energy with its nice LCD Display. Also if you may be in the dark, you'll have the convenient Flashlight function to highlight your vision.

USB Charger Mini Power Bank Digital Display


Input Interface: USB Type C
Battery Capacity: 10000mAh or 20000mAh
Feature: Two-way Quick Charge
Output Interface: Double USB
Power: 20000mAh
Weight: 250g
USB Output: 2.1A Fast ChargingUSB Charger Mini Power Bank Product Size