Hiking and going on a journey in nature is for sure one of the most pleasant and entertaining activity. And one of the most important thing to think of before getting on the road is surely what to bring with you in order to make the most out of your trip. Here we listed 9 aspects we thought really important in case you’re going through such adventures.


1 – A Good Backpack

It seems elementary and logic but this one is indeed one if not the first thing to think of in the quest of a nicely organized journey. Whatever you want or need to carry on with you, a functional and useful backpack can be primordial. You could choose between many sizes and depending on your purpose. Ideally take the less heavy one especially if you have a long road to walk on. Choose wisely and prevent anything to get go with some peace of mind.

Hiking Backpack Big Large Capacity

Hiking Backpack Compact Design Small Capacity

2 – Adapted Clothes

One of you major concern while going on an outdoor journey should be of course the choice of the best outfit. Hiking in the mountain, you obviously tend to bring warm and comfortable clothes. At the contrary, getting on a trip in the jungle or in some warm region, take some light clothes as well as some mean to hydrate regularly. Anyways, don’t go with too much or not enough and try to find the best balance.


3 – Navigational Gear

Whether if you prefer analog or digital devices, that is a compass or a GPS, you really should think about it. Even with a good old map or a prepared trajectory for your journey, it is really important to be able to get some information about your geo localization. Eventually prefer a compass in case of bad signal or an empty battery. Anyway for that matter we suggest you another useful accessory as we’ll talk about in the next part.


4 – Portable Solar Panel & Power Bank

When you’re on the move, you can never be sure to have enough battery on your camera, your mobile phone or any other device plugged in USB. In that case we guess that you’ll be more than happy to carry with you one or two of these neat and useful device to recharge fast and easily your favorite digital gear on the go. On one side, if you happen to get some sunny weather, we surely recommend you to get a solar panel. And on the other side, a power bank can be a great solution if you can get to recharge it before you go. The combination of both can also be a great idea. Either case you can be relieved of any inconvenience regarding your battery levels.

Power Bank Mini Design Flashlight

USB Charger Solar Panel Mobile Phone


5 – Sleeping Gear

Thinking about staying out in the wild more than the afternoon, you will need to get comfortable in order to rest in the best possible way. To accomplish this task of the best importance, you will be glad to have with you some nice sleeping bag to get comfortable, whether it be in a tent or anywhere else. Especially if you stay in a freezing place, you’ll be likely to enjoy getting some consistent blanket. In order to sleep in the best way possible, you could also think of a good sleeping mat, allowing you to stay very comfy even in the wildest country.

6 – Flashlight

If you know for sure that the sun won’t be up during the whole trip you’re planning on making, then you really should think about bringing a flashlight with you. For that matter you’ll have a wide variety of choices, from your smartphone to a big old torch light. Another nice options could be one of our power bank with a lighting function, a bracelet or even a flashlight tactical pen.

Multi Functional Compass Flashlight Bracelet Hiking

Tactical Flashlight Pen Hiking

If you want to keep your hands free, you can also choose to get a headlamp, which will also have the advantage of enlighten your sight whatever direction you turn your head to. Whichever you choose, make sure you are well equipped and eventually take two of them just in case one could go down.


7 – Camera Lens and Photo Accessories

Going on a trip, whether it is about hiking in nature or visiting a city, you will surely be likely to take some photos in order to increase the power of some memories of places and people you happen to find and meet along your way. You may have a great camera or just your phone to do that and either way you could use some portable tripod to allow you to free your hands pr even just take some really original cliches. For that matter we’re suggesting you two really interesting solutions that are the Octopus Mini as well as our Classic Compact model.

Camera Tripod Octopus Mini Hiking Mobile Phone

Camera Tripod Classic Compact Hiking Mobile Phone

By the way, if you only take benefits of the camera in your mobile phone, you would be glad to test some lenses to fit it. This will allow you to get some great new perspectives and make really great and creatives photos. Getappy can provide you with a great 18x zoom lens as well as a nice collection of creative lenses to make you able to capture really unique pictures of your own.

Camera Lens 18x Zoom Demo Hiking Mobile Phone

Camera Lens Creative Package Kit Hiking Mobile Phone


8 – Survival Tools, Knifes and other Accessories

Looking for some special adventures, you could use some great equipment to make the most out of your journey. Going in the wild you need to be prepared for any unexpected surprise or issue. A good knife and at least one multi functional tool won’t be too much, allowing you to respond to any situation.

Survival Kit Optimum Hiking Useful Tools Adventure Knife Compass


9 – Prepare correctly your trip

Finally, we can’t suggest enough that you make sure to prepare your trip and prevent every single thing you can. Safety is the most important concern you should think of. Also make sure that you’re in a great shape and good health to get on the road with some peace of mind. Eventually get the most information you can online or even better get in contact with some locals in order to be sure that you’ll make the most out of your journey.

Hiking Adventure Backpack Survival 9 Tools Items Great Trip Journey

Anyway we really wish that you make some great discoveries and encounters as well as having some memorable and lovely times, wherever you go.

Sincerly Yours,

The Getappy Team