When you go on a hiking trip, you may want to settle a camp and get to sleep properly. In this post we’re going to talk about the best ways to rest quietly and with serenity. We’re going through some of the best techniques and tricks. Going from the best sleeping bags to the best solutions to create a bed from scratch while backpacking even with 0 degree. Hoping that’ll help you to take a nice break while on your journey.


A Good Night of Sleep


In survival conditions, resting and recovery is as essential as food. A good night of sleep can chase away concerns and stress from a difficult situation. And thus give some nice optimism to someone who, the day before, was seeing everything in black. Stay warm and dry is more comforting and reassuring than sleeping on the floor in fresh air. Even in the moist warmth of jungle, a raised shelter, isolating you from the wet floor, is essential.


Wisely Choose Your Sleeping Bag

Although there is multiple forms and styles, a good sleeping bag must always have a lining sufficient to keep you warm even if you don’t have any tent. It must never get wet. You must keep it in a waterproof bag. A sleeping bag garnished with fluff is lightweight and warm. But the fluff can lose its isolating properties and compact itself if the bag is wet or packed too tight. Synthetic lining, admittedly more cumbersome, heavy and less comfortable than fluff, will keep you warm even wet and will dry fast.


You can find a variety of different styles, among theme :

Mummy Sleeping Bag

Modern Sleeping bags usually get this shape. The hood keeps heat losses for the head, thorax and shoulders.

Sleeping Bag Without Zipper

The bag can be closed thanks to a draw string to protect your head and neck. This can be vital on a cold weather because half of body’s heat can escape through the head. But because of the lack of zipper, it can be tough to extract quickly from it.

Blanket Shaped Sleeping Bag

This kind of bag is better suited for camping in a vehicle than out in fresh air. Very lightweight, it doesn’t fit in extreme climates of polar regions.


We also suggest other sleeping accessories to make your night feel better :

Sheet Bag (or “meat bag”)

A cotton sheet bag catch an air layer which isolates you from the sleeping bag. It is easier to wash than the bag.


Mini Foam Mattress

Essential to isolate the body from a wet and cold floor. It is placed under the sleeping bag.

Survival Blanket

This blanket, made of a metal film, is used in emergency cases. The film is reflecting body heat and prevent heat dispersion. It can also make a great shelter to reflect solar rays, in the desert for instance.


Inflatable Pillow

Even if a pillow is not strictly necessary, it improves comfort during long expeditions.


Sewing Kit

A little sewing kit is indispensable to repair any snag of sleeping bags, tents and clothes.

Shake your sleeping bag with energy to spread equally the garnishing. Also ventilate it well after using it. In case of a snag, it must be sewed up quickly to prevent the hole from expanding. You can repair it with a piece of its storage bag which is usually made with the same matter. A large adhesive tape can do the job for a makeshift repair.

We hope that all this information will help you in order to reach to the best gear you need :)

Kind Regards,

The GetIntrepid Team