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Hello everyone and welcome to our online store :) 


We're so happy to be able to present you our selection of products for men and women, sweaters, coats, watches, sunglasses and other accessories that we really hope you'd like. Anyway you can give us your feedback whenever you want. We'll be glad to read it and eventually do something about it!

At first the design was different but we decided to choose another layout much minimal and light for our website. We also carefully took some time to add some style to it - again we hope you like it and can't wait for your feedback. It will eventually change and evolve over the time and your advice can be a real good help! ;)



By the way for the moment we only got a few products online. We're going to add more good products in the coming days. Also we work on a line of t-shirts right now, mostly funny stuff and quotes. We like to make it the most original and good as possible so it will take us some time. Anyway again we hope you like it. Also we started our own Instagram account that we'd be glad to get you subscribed and don't miss any new product or features.

We can't wait for what's coming soon and later.

We wish you a great day, see you!

GetIntrepid Team