Pandemic Condition and Survivalism

Because of the Coronavirus condition, these days are pretty tough and traveling must be thought another time. Anyway if you are near some natural place with some trees, that we really hope you do, you should take profit of the situation. Also all this time we have available may be a great occasion to think about getting prepared for the unexpected. And this includes training your survival skills.

Survival state of mind seems these days one of the most prevalent quality to get better at. And by the way, we’re not talking about buying as much toilet paper as you can! Survivalism is more about getting prepared for anything, meaning that if things go really bad overnight, you don’t get completely overwhelmed.


Food Supply and Fasting

First, if things are about to collapse, you want to get reserves of food as well as some other critical stuff. Another good idea could be to get use to fasting, which can make you save money, as well as your health ! If this is new for you, here is what we’re suggesting. At first you could avoid eating at the beginning of the day, putting your first meal as later as possible. Breaking fast at 1pm, and then 2pm, 4pm and even 6pm. Then you could try to fast for one or even a few days and see how your body and mind react altogether. At first, it may seem tough but you will find so much benefits with this practice.

In order to increase your survival capabilities, this is one really good thing to think about and train the sooner the better. This way, your body will get use to the idea of eating less, it may also give you more mental and physical energy. But beware and stay safe anyway. If you’re doing a lot of sport or having an active physical activity, make sure you get at least some energy to keep going. We mainly think that nowadays, people tend to eat too much and get more diseases and other issues. We suggest you to try and mainly always listen to what your body tells you. [link to a post talking deeper about it]


Getting Social and Stay United

Another great thing you could be doing as a future survivalist is of course getting social and connect with people around you. It can be your family or your friends and neighbors. As the proverb says “union is strength” so get together, support one another, exchange good tips and tricks. Also eventually go on some adventures like hiking or trying to survive in nature. Of course don’t take any useless risk and do it consciously. Get as much preparation as you can but make sure you have some people that you can count on and vice-versa.


Train your Survival Skills

One of the best things to do in order to prepare to anything is of course training your skills. The more you learn and you know about your environment, the rules of nature and your body, the more you’ll find clever things to do facing any surprise. Indeed, to practice survivalism you must master a unique skill set that includes firecraft, navigation, trapping, creating shelter, tracking, and the use of tools, both modern and primitive. Wise hikers carry few essentials and tools with them on their journeys. Instead of extra equipment, they tend to carry the knowledge and skills needed to create necessary items straight from the landscape. To thrive in the woods without the modern comforts available today takes determination. It requires dedication and knowledge that may in certain circumstances save your life. So you should always, read, learn and practice in order to always get better.



Get the Best Gear Possible

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Anyway, stay safe and prepared. Take a good care of you and your loved ones and have a great day or night.


The GetIntrepid Team