These days we all need some ways to escape day to day routine. Especially if you live in an urban area. You may feel the need for beautiful landscapes and epic journeys in nature.

This need can quickly become really appreciable if not urgent. In that case don’t even wait one more minute and plan your next outdoor adventure. In the meantime, you must get the best survival gear you could find. Especially if you like wild hiking.

Apart from that. You have to get prepared for any situation and eventually learn some best practices. Whether it is about survival skills, eating habits, or even more practical concerns. These are some of the many subjects we’re going to review in this article. So get ready to go and dare you to get intrepid!

I. Survival Tips, Gear and Advices

One of the greatest concern is your ability to adapt to tricky situations. Whether it be about some natural disaster, some climate issue or even a pandemic. You surely want to stay ready for about any inconvenience you can encounter.

At GetIntrepid, we give you some survival advice. We hope you get some time to read and review it, even tell us what you think. Also we insist about best practices using several equipment. Not only it is essential to know why you’d need to use certain items. But also you want to know how to use it properly and make the most out of its purchase.

II. Best Places to visit and Landscape to see

Wild hiking could be one of the best experiences you could have. Especially if you are used to some toxic and noisy environment. The sound of the car traffic, the smell and all the toxic dust.

Eventually you could get some protection to prevent any health issue. Anyway going on a special adventure can be so relieving. Even life changing if you really think about it. An outdoor escape, properly organized, can really make you feel free.

And choosing the perfect place where to go is one of if not the most important decision you make. If you like hot or cold climate, or if you prefer mountains over flat landscapes. Choose it wisely so you get in an environment that fits your tastes. By the way here is a list of some of the most beautiful places we’ve liked to share with you.

III. How to Prepare for a Wild Hike and What to Plan

It is indeed really important to prepare your trip. Wherever you go and especially in a foreign country. You can find all kinds of precious resources to help you in the process.

It can be in forums, communities, Facebook groups or in Youtube videos. Make sure you take a good amount of time collecting this information. Because the more you prepare, the less you take risks, and the more you have some good times.

Of course you can always get surprised by some situations. But at least you have a taste of what it can be. On one side, the hiking gear you have as well as your survival gear plays a big role in this preparation.

But you also need to get ready for the environment. Whether it is about the fauna, the locals or the climate. It seems obvious but we’ll never tell you this enough, Get Ready!

IV. Best Survival Gear to Bring with you

Once that you’ve taken care of you journey’s preparation. You have to get all the missing items necessary to make the most out of your planned adventure. First of all you want to choose wisely every single piece of equipment.

You don’t want to end up carrying useless and heavy items on a long distance. Stay light weighted and take only useful hiking gear.

You may like some convenient way to eat while on the road. Then check our post about some ways to eat and drink nicely. If you happen to stay the night, then you should take some accessories for the dark. In that case check out our post about flash light gear.

You’ll also need some proper way to sleep in serenity. Choose wisely your tent as well as your sleeping bags. On a wild hiking journey, you’ll probably need some items to (…)

V. Join some Wild Hiking Communities

You may want to collect some of the best insights, good practices and greatest advices. We highly suggest that you join some community about wild survival and hiking journeys.

Whether it is about Facebook groups, Meetup groups or some specialized forums. you’ll be able to talk and relate about places, techniques and so much more. Eventually even would you find other great people that share the same interests as you do.

Among many other resources, we’d recommend you to have a look at (…)