Nowadays, many women and men, workers and nomads use their laptop on a daily basis to work on the internet from wherever they are. It indeed feels so great to be able to get things done properly and in the best possible conditions, even in the most remote places. For that it is primordial to get some effective and convenient backpack for laptop or even some other luggage to carry our most precious belongings around. That’s what we’re going to talk about in this post. Whether you are men or women, we'll help you find the best solutions when traveling.

Introduction - Mobility and Ability to Work Remotely

Traveling has never been so easy and affordable than today. It is also totally feasible to work along the way, and the rise of the internet in less than 30 years is the primary cause of this radical change in our working habits. It is indeed very common to make use of a laptop, a tablet or even a phone – who would have thought it plausible a few years back! – to get things done, whether it is in your hotel or in a bar or restaurant.

It has consequently come really important to get a backpack or any kind of organizer to be able to store, use rapidly and in the most ergonomic way our devices. This can be done in many ways, like a special pocket in a backpack, a suitcase or a place in our luggage. The ideal is that you wouldn’t take too much time getting out your gear and also putting it back at its place. And most important, take care of it so it would never be damaged.

How to use and store your laptop the best

Whether your laptop is a 17 inch, a 15.6 inch, a 14 or 13 inch, it is really important to select the best size possible. If the pocket is too small, it won’t be able to fit in, but if it is too big, it could be dangerous, especially when you’re on the move and it might get into some shocks, for example in a train, a plane or even in a car. You want something that will protect as much as possible all your stuff and will contain every single accessory you could need like a charger, some cables and other things that you could make use of.

Getintrepid will help you find the perfect solution to all these problems. We hope you will quickly find the best bags or backpacks for your laptop, tablet, mobile or even your favorite digital camera. You will then be ready to take with you everything you need to work and travel. Let go of the fear of any bad things happening to your goods, like getting it broke, being stolen or simply lost.


The ideal way to carry your laptop anywhere you go

Firstly, one of the best solutions is a laptop backpack for men or women. At least, one of the best features of this option is that the weight of your stuff will be distributed between your two shoulders and you won’t feel it too heavy compared to a classic suitcase. Also you will like the fact that it can have many pockets to store as many accessories as you wish. You just have to take care about not mixing any kind of food or other stuff that could damage your devices. The other danger is that some thieves could steal your belongings from behind without you knowing it. The answer to this problem could be a padlock, like the one in option in our Swiss Style Backpack. Or even better, our Anti Theft Design Backpack.


Laptop Backpack Swiss Multipurpose

Laptop Backpack Anti theft Design Usb

Either way, you can get some examples of nice ways to avoid any of these inconveniences. The essential is that you find something you like, fitting your style and habits. You shouldn’t take something with too many pockets if minimalism is your credo. But if you’ve got many things to keep with you as well as the necessity to stay organized, it’ll surely be a good thing to have more that one pocket in order to maintain productivity.

Other ways and useful tools to store your accessories

If you have to keep in your backpack more than your laptop or your tablet, for example accessories like power banks, chargers, cables and other likely things, one of your best choices could be to get a little organizer, or a set of multiple cases. That way you will reduce once again the eventuality of getting things lost or forgotten.

That is the same if you have to carry with you your digital camera, especially if you have multiple lenses and even more if you’re making some videos. Indeed you may need some additional accessories like a portable microphone, a tripod or some lighting. With the following ideas we’re sure that you’ll be able to find some great solution that could fit your need the best.

By the way, we recommend you to use some additional protection. With your laptop for instance, it is best to put it in a tailored bag so that the risk of damaging it is the lowest possible. It may take you some more time to pack and unpack, but it is too important to prevent damage.


To conclude, we’d say that it is really important to find the best gear to get your material, laptop, camera or other tech on a trip with you. Since it can be so useful and eventually essential, you have to take care of it as well as being able to use it quickly and effectively. In the end we recommend that you take your time to choose the best solution and, if you can, choose multiple ones in order to adapt to different situations and cases.

Anyway we hope this post has helped you find the golden treasure. We wish you a great day or night, and the best in your projects and works in progress!

Sincerly Yours,

The GetIntrepid Team